Canvas Fabrics, Tent Fabrics, Camouflage Fabrics

_Canvas and Tent Fabrics
Canvashome is a premier Supplier of Canvas, Drill, Duck, Tent Fabrics, and Bag Fabrics etc.
Please Find below some of the Most Common Canvas Fabrics Sold by us:-

1. Grey (Loom State)
2. Water Proof
3. Water Proof + Rot Proof
4. Water Proof + Rot Proof + Fire Retardant

Camouflage Print Fabrics
Our Camouflage Print Fabrics are available in various designs/patterns & in a wide range of material & constructions.
Material Available – Cotton, Polyester Cotton, Polyester Viscose, Nylon Mattie, Nylon Taffeta etc.
Weave Available- Rib Stop Weave, Plain Weave, Twill Weave
Colors Available – Blue, Khaki, Green, Grey Etc.
Custom Colors & Designs also Available  

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