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american indian tipi , teepee tent for sale, nomadic lifestyle tents
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Teepee Tent For Sale, Sioux Indian Tipi

The American Indian teepee tent from canvas home

We Are One of the Authentic traditional American Indian Canvas Tipi, Tepee Makers based in India. A few Of Our Tipi Details are Listed Below:-

We tipis teepees tepees are versatile, lightweight and user-friendly and have plenty of space. All our tepee tents come with lacing pins, door and canvas carry bag.

You can use our  Tipi’s for guest accommodation, a garden retreat, a children’s camp or a weekend getaway in the nomadic lifestyle.

The Tipi is also perfect for camping holidays and festivals.

Our tipis are easy to erect because we use lightweight bamboo poles.

We have lots of hands-on experience in making Tipis and we are  shipping worldwide

We are also making tipis for Some established brands in U.S.A,  U.K. & Some Other European Countries for last few years.

Our Tipis Canvas is made of heavy duty 15 ounces 100 % Cotton, Rot proof and Waterproof to maintain the traditional look and feel as well as to fight with any type of weather and maintain its durability.

The specialty of our Tipis is that Most of the stitching is done by Hand by skilled workers who are specially trained for making tipis.We don’t manufacture in Bulk. Rather every tipi made is taken personal care to maximize customer satisfaction.  

We follow the basic Sioux pattern and procedure as mentioned in the Famous Laubins book ” The Indian Tipi ” with some custom modifications which we have developed on our own by our experience and the valuable feedback of our Customers & Consumers.

Colored Teepee tents  Are Also Available. Our Tipis can Be easily Painted to suit your own Taste & Creativity

Tipi Liners are Also Available in 10 OZ  natural A grade cotton Duck.

We Also Have Tipis & Tipi Liners in Fire Retardant + Mildew Resistant + Water Repellent Cotton Canvas as Per British Standards. 

We make Tipis Ranging From Size 9ft to 33 Ft in Diameter. Matching Liners, rain catchers & groundsheets are Also Available.

Our Tipi Common Sizes & Prices

Tipi Sizes and prices

Tipi Set Up Instructions

Canvashome Sioux -style tipis are put up around a tripod of three main poles. These three foundation poles are tied together with a piece of rope and then raised. Poles are placed at equal distance around the foundation to form the framework of the tipi.

The Poles length should be minimum 1.25 times and ideally 1.5 times more than the diameter of the Tipi. The tipi cover is tied to the last pole, so they both go up together, and placed at the back.

Now the  tipi cover is wrapped from the back around the sides to the front and fastened above the doorway with pegs. The cover is pulled tightly and the bottom edge is staked to the ground. (Normally Wooden stakes 16” Long are used ) Two long poles on either side of the outside of the tipi are used for placing the smoke flaps in place.

We also make rain caps and rain hats . Rain caps are used internally inside the tipi to avoid light rain and snow falling inside . Whereas The ran Hats is placed over the Tipi Poles in case of heavy Rainfall.