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canvas tarpaulins , tarps

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Canvas tarps are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors and weights; so that you can be sure exactly the right tarp is available for your specific need. Tarps can also be constructed of poly, mesh, or nylon laminate. Such tarps are strong and flexible, yet lightweight and easy to handle and to fold for storage. 

The versatility of quality tarps makes a good tarp one of the most useful items for homeowners, gardeners, boaters, campers, and farmers, and for general all-purpose use, including swimming pool covers, outdoor storage, shade covers, wind screens, and dust protection.

 Canvas tarps are truly a multi-purpose cover with numerous uses too many to list.
Quality canvas tarps are usually constructed of heavy weight absorbent fabric made of top-grade 100 percent natural cotton canvas, using double-stitched hems and seams. 

Tarps often include rope sewn into the hem for reinforcement and easy tie-down. A waterproof canvas tarp will protect your equipment or belongings against rain and dew, paint spills, and other moisture.

Canvas tarps can be used as painting drop cloths, as grill covers and covers for boats, plants, or lawn furniture, during home construction projects, as boat lift covers and motor covers, as awnings, shelters for shade or protection from rain. 

If the tarp will be used in wet or damp conditions, water resistance and rot-proof thread are a plus. Mildew resistance offers benefits regardless of where or how the tarp will be used, and UV resistance helps the tarp last longer in the sun.

A heavy duty tarp is extremely versatile and can be used about anywhere for just about anything. Heavy duty canvas tarps will have reinforced grommets at least every 18″. They can be used in arctic cold and desert heat. If you need a high quality heavy duty canvas tarp, look for one that is waterproof, tear-resistant, mildew proof.

Heavy duty canvas tarp covers and super heavy duty canvas tarps can be used for truck covers, boat covers, farm equipment, roof covers, and any other use that requires protection against several elements, high winds, moisture or spills.
White canvas tarps are great for outdoor use and as painters’ drop cloths, while brown and green canvas tarps are used when you want to blend them into the natural surroundings

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