Double fly Emergency Relief Tent

The Double fly Relief tents have an extra outer fly which covers the inner fly from both sides and extends to a little beyond the inner fly to give Extra protection from rain and extreme weather conditions.

These Tents are made such that the Outer Fly hangs half feet above the inner fly and the air trapped between acts as an insulator from outside weather besides giving extra protection from heavy rain etc.

Extended hoods are also provided on both sides for extra protections to the inner fly.

The inner tent comprises of two windows with mosquito nets fixed and open able curtains. The tent stands on two/three standing poles supported by ridge pole.

Both Fly of these Tents are made up from Heavy Duty Waterproof Canvas so these tents are Suitable and can be used for Longer Use also


Outer Fly of Heavy Waterproof, Rot Proof Cotton Canvas Weight 400 g/m2 (+/- 5%), Inner Fly of Heavy Waterproof Rot proof Cotton Canvas Weight 400 g/m2 (+/- 5%)

These tent are usually supplied with a HDPE woven laminated fabric Ground sheet, steel poles, Attached Ropes, iron pegs and pins, etc.

double fly emergency relief tent
double fly emergency relief tent
double fly emergency relief tent
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