Round Medieval Tents

Round Medieval Tents, Round Pavilions, Carousels

Round Medieval Tent
Round Medieval tents for sale
Round Medieval Pavilion or carousel

Round Medieval tent  Or Round Carousel – It is A beautiful round pavilion or carousel with two doorways for better ventilation. Shape fitted floors are also available. 

We make them out of 15 oz Laminated water and rot resistant canvas for minimum shrinkage, and they also serve as a rough pattern for where to drive your stakes for set-up.

This is a Pole type round marquee with reinforced brass grommets at the pole positions. Slanted walls are standard. 

Walls are made as a separate two curtain detachable piece. Poles and stakes are sold separately for this pavilion.Ropes are included in the Price.The Round Marquee can also be made spoke wheel type at same cost.

Extra Options – Detachable or Fixed Canopy Extension.
Water Proof Ground Cloth
10 ” wide PVC Sod Cloth
Custom Sizes Also Available


Colour, Scallop and Braid Choices for The Round Medieval Tents
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