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Tudor Or Henry king VIII Medieval Tent

henry king viii tent with canopy

These Tents are a combination of two round medieval Tents with a  11 feet covered gallery in between.

The walls are detachable.  They are  designed such so that they can be used as  independent round pavilions when desired. When combined each of the rounds has the ability to be closed off from the rest of the pavilion for privacy. 

The Tudor Pavilion comes with two sleeved centre poles – one for each Pavilion, 2 hubs – one for each Pavilion, 32 spokes – 16 for each Pavilion an extended sleeved ridge pole – in order to make the hallway, stakes and wind ropes. 

The Ridge Pole comes in two sections which are spliced together with a metal sleeve.  The Ridge Pole has metal pins added to each end that allow you to attach it to the uprights of the Carousels through predrilled holes in the uprights

The cost for spoke poles, pegs and centre poles are not included in the prices below :-


Colour, Scallop and Braid Choices for The Round Medieval Tents