Viking Medieval Tents

Viking Stall 6
Photo Courtesy : Christopher, U.K.
viking period tents
Photo Courtesy : Dina Glass , Australia
viking stall tent
Photo Courtesy : Christopher, U.K.

The Viking A-Frame tent is a conjectural period pavilion based on archeological finds and extant architecture. It consists of 10 pieces of lumber for the frame: 2 side rails, a ridge pole, 2 ends, and 4 cross-beams.

 It does not require stakes, so it can be set up on anything, even in a paved parking lot. An interior cross-rope support stabilizes the frame to prevent leaning. Generally there is not a lot of head room unless the tent is reasonably large. A good average size is 16 feet square at the base and 12 feet tall.

Because the canvas is draped over a wooden frame instead of being held up by tension, the interior rope support is needed to help prevent the canvas from sagging excessively when wet. If the weather is stormy, it is a good idea to find some way to stake it down, however, as this design has been known (although rarely) to blow over in extremely high winds, particularly if it is in an open area.

Setup: Can be done by 1 person, but 2 is much easier and definitely safer.

Common Sizes and Prices  for The Viking Medieval Tent (without Wooden Frame)

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