Jungle Safari Tent Luxury

Jungle Safari Tents Luxury Quad Layer

jungle safari tent semi deluxe
Jungle Safari Tent Luxury 4
Jungle Safari Tent Luxury 3

The jungle safari tents/bush camper tents or the serengati tents are the most popularly used Resort and hotel tents nowadays.

They are the No-1 choice of Hotel and Resort Owners Looking to provide ultimate Comfort and Luxury to There Guests. As they are Frame type tents and very versatile a lot of combinations of open and covered space can be provided.

This Tent Contains Extended Side Ridge as well as a Third Fly of Heavy Duty 780 GSM PVC Canvas Over and Above the 2 flies ( Canvas + Green Netting )to protect from heat and Heavy Snow Fall

Material Used – Outer FLY Made up of heavy duty Water Proof 780 GSM PVC Canvas & Inner FLY Or Tent is made up of light weight Poly Cotton Rib Stop fabric.

Sizes And Prices For Lux Safari Tent Quad Layer

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