Family Tent UNHCR / IRC Type

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unhcr:ircs family relief tent

Current Standard family tent used by UNHCR, ICRC and IFRC; the standard tent for a family of five conforms to the recommended minimum-standard living area for hot and temperate climates (3.5m² per person); it provides additional space for cold climates. As an addition, the Winterised Kit Improved insulation for family tent, is recommended for cold climates.

The tent is not a long-term habitat solution. It is meant for emergencies. It has a minimum 1-year lifespan, irrespective of climate.

It has a minimum shelf-life of 5 years under normal warehousing conditions (in a dry, clean and ventilated warehouse – not in containers or tented warehouses – and stored on pallet racks or pallets elevated off the ground, not piled). The tent is vulnerable to rain and moisture when packed.

The tent design was developed to ensure a product fit for human use, ensuring the minimum required outdoor lifespan in all climates.


Outer Tent Vestibules 6.50 x 4.00 Meters
Tent 3.95 x 3.80 M
Useable Area26 M2 (Approx)
Height Center Height 2.20 M
Centre Inner Tent Height 2.10
Wall height 1.25 M
wall height Inner Tent 1.15 Door Height 1.40 M
Vestibules Area 1.30 x 4.00 (Front & Rear)