Hospital Frame Tent


Standard functioning and practical tent for rapid deployment in Emergency field hospital, Health center, Epidemic Treatment Center, Storage, Logistical center, etc.

Multiple attachments of these tents can be done seamlessly to form a much larger working area as per need.

This type of tent is especially designed for its resistance to wind, rain, UV and microorganisms. The polyester/cotton canvas combines strength, durability, waterproof, and breathing capacities.

The tent can be delivered without options or with the following

A bathtub ground sheet to cover the complete surface of the tent.

It has a minimum shelf life of 5 years under normal warehousing conditions (in a dry, clean and ventilated warehouse – not in containers or tented warehouses – and stored on pallet racks or pallets elevated off the ground, not piled). The tent is vulnerable to rain and moisture when packed. Expected life span is 1 year in all environments.

Setting up requires 6 persons, and take 30 min (instructions included). Avoid setting it up under trees as this will lead to canvas rotting. Use all ground fixings to ensure the maximum wind resistance. Does not include ground sheet, can be made with plastic tarpaulins, or ordered separately.


1. Width x Length –  5.1M  x 6.30 M
Useable Area – 32.10 M2 (Approx.)
Centre Height – 3 M
Wall height – 1.8 M
People – 18- 20 Persons capacity
Approx. Weight -120kg       Approx. CBM – .385

2. Width x Length – 5.1 Mts x 8.40 Mts
Useable Area 42.85 M2 (Approx.)
Centre Height 3.00 M
Wall height 1.8 M
People 20-40 person capacity
Approx. Weight – 130kg      Approx. CBM – .435

3. Width x Length – 5.1 Mts x 14.70 Mts
Useable Area 75 M2 (Approx.)
Centre Height 3.00 M
Wall height 1.8 M
People 40-50 person capacity
Approx. Weight –  465 kg     Approx. CBM – 1.15


Fabric Made of polyester cotton canvas water, rot proof + UV resistance 440 g/m2 ( -/+ 5%)
Ground Sheet & Mud flap Optional : Made of 540 g/m2 ( +/- 5%) PVC Both side coated Fabric
SeparationOptional : Inner Separation with the same tent Fabric 440 g/m2 PC canvas
Door & Windows 2 Doors + 4 Windows