Medieval Tents

Medieval tents, Re-Enactment Tents, Historic Tents

Round Medieval Tent white blue
Round Carousel Tent
Viking medieval tent, viking tents for sale, canvas viking tent, historic viking, Norse a frame tent
The Viking A frame Tent
historic tents, re-enactment tents, medieval tents for sale16x16
Square High Peak Tents
regent medieval tent with square roof and octagonal base
Regent Pavilion Tent
Rectangular Medieval Tent Straight walls striped
Rectangular Pavilions
tudor or henry king viii medieval tents
Tudor or Henry Kind VIII Tent
imperial meMedieval tent, Historic tent, past tent, re-enactment tent saledieval tent
Imperial Medieval Tent
oval medieval tent painted
Oval Medieval Tents
Medieval tent, Historic tent, past tent, re-enactment tent sale
Wedge Tent
double bell wedge tents
Double Bell Wedge Tent
anglo saxon tent or norman tent
Norman Saxon Tent

Medieval Tents From CanvashomeTM – We Ship Worldwide

When requesting a quote for a Historic Tent please include the following information:

• Tent style, size and desired Canvas
• Scalloped Edging design and Braid Color
• With or without Sod Cloth and/or Ground Cloth
• With or without Setup Package
•  Shipping Address With Zip Code

All our Re-enactment Tents range comes in slanted walls

We offer our Past Tents in plain white as well as several colours

We offer our historic Tents in 3 types of canvases – 12 oz water+ rot proof , 15 oz water+ rot proof and 14 oz poly cotton water +rot+fire retardant
Round Medieval Tents – A beautiful round pavilion with two doorways for better ventilation. Shape fitted floors are also available. We make them out of 15 oz Laminated water and rot resistant canvas for minimum shrinkage, and they also serve as a rough pattern for where to drive your stakes for set-up.

This is a Pole type round marquee with reinforced brass grommets at the pole positions. Slanted walls are standard. Walls are made as a separate two curtain detachable piece. Poles and stakes are sold separately for this pavilion.Ropes are included in the Price.The Round Marquee can also be made spoke wheel type at same cost.
For sizes , prices and options click here

 Square Medieval Tents and Marquees– The square Medieval Tents with Slanted walls
For sizes , prices and options click here

Rectangular Medieval Tents- Our Rectangular Medieval Tents comes in a lot of sizes and options
To give a real Medieval Feel all Our Rectangular Medieval Tents range come in 7 feet wall height and 12 feet wall height as standard… For sizes , prices and options click here

Oval Medieval Tents
for complete range of our medieval tents please visit individual tent pages links below…

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