Double Bell Wedge Tents

Double Bell Wedge Tents , French Bell Wedge Tents For Sale

double bell wedge tent separate door and canopy
Double Bell Medieval Tent With Separate Door And Canopy
double bell wedge tents
double bell wedge tent seam painted
double bell wedge tent
Double Bell Wedge With Same Door and Canopy

The Double Bell Wedge tents also known as the French bell wedge tent is a wonderful medieval pavilion.

We make these tents in 2 sizes 16×12 ft and 20×12 ft.Both Have 8 Ft Height. These Tents Require 4 standing poles and a ridge pole to install.

It’s Available in 15 oz water and rot proof Plain white canvas as well as striped Canvas. Flame Retardant 14 oz Canvas is also an option. We can also Seam Paint the tents if needed.

A canopy fly is available to give you a shade and rain protector. It extends 16 feet from the peak of your tent (10’ from the base of your door way).

Please specify your scallop and braid choice while ordering the tent.

Common Sizes and Prices For Double Bell Wedge Tents
double bell wedge tent sizes and prices

Colour, Scallop and Braid Choices for The Medieval Tents

Canvas Colour Options For Medieval Tents
Scallop Styles and Braid Colour Options For Medieval Tents