Indian Shamiyana Tent

shamiyana tent

The history of shamiyana, which is the most glorified tent, dates back to the Mughal era. It is a popular Indian ethnic tent shelter, which is commonly used for outdoor parties, marriages, restaurants etc. Shamiyana tents combine the beauty of hand stitched, traditional wedding marquees in beautiful and dramatic colours and patterns.

Basically, a shamiyana is fabricated of a discreet exterior cotton canvas that can confront the impulse of all kind of weather conditions. These tents can be further treated and coated for extra durability and protection, especially from the rain. Shamiyana commonly have a flat roof and are constructed of two layers of cloth. Its side walls are detachable and also made up of two layers of canvas. The external fabric can be multicoloured or can hold exquisite designs & the design of embellishments and inner fabric can set a beautiful contrast to it. In some of the highly distinctive Shamiyana, curtains are used in place of walls.

A shamiyana marquee is perfect for the following occasions:

    Spare Living Room
    Product Launches
    Dramatic Show Stands
    They provide extra Summer Space