Wooden Safari Tents

Woody Safari Tents

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1. Heavy Duty PVC

Heavy Duty PVC 600gsm thick heavy duty PVC coated olive green fabric material roof water and tear retardant to both European and British standards. By integrating with the frame the roof is both secure and stable in all weather conditions. The PVC  is also Available in Fire Retardant Treatment. 

2. Tear Resistant Canvas Door

Each tent comes with a fully secured weatherproof tear resistant canvas door with traditional cord fixings, tough Velcro fastening or optional locking zip for added security. Once the door is closed the tent is fully weatherproof and due to the nature of the canvas, the interior will warm up very quickly.

3. Solid Wooden Frame

The wooden frame is made from 8cm thick wooden poles, these poles are connected by galvanized steel fittings which are fixed to the floor and the ground. It extends at 2.5 m from the front of the tent to create an area for sitting out of the rain and sun.

4. Inner Tent Canvas

The inner tent is made from high-quality canvas that is water and rot resistant and colours fast and hangs from the frame using 30mm wide strapping and slip fixings with extra teeth for security and low maintenance. The straps allow the tent to be mounted on any base and adjusted for height accordingly.The canvas is also Available in Fire Retardant Treatment. 

5. Windows

Every window is three layers with an outer super clear PVC weatherproof flap, a middle mesh to keep the bugs at bay and the breeze flowing, and an inner canvas flap for roll down privacy. The windows are secured using industrial straps and toggles and further benefit from broad Velcro strips that go well below the level of the window to ensure full weatherproof and keeping the heat in during more inclement times.

Sizes & Prices For the Woody Safari Tents

sizes and prices for the woody safari tents